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Deniz Çora

Since the day I learned how to read and write, I have always had many interests in different fields, imagination and design have always been very important to me. My interest in architecture started during this period.

I graduated from Izmir University of Economics, Department of Architecture in 2022. During my university years, I always tried to be active and open to learning. With Cutpaper Design Community in our school, we organized numerous interdisciplinary events with my teammates for 3 years.

I have always had a special interest in interior Design, so I started to do a minor in Interior Architecture in 2020 to learn more about it and finished it in the same year as my department.

I started working in Bej Mimarlık shortly after my graduation. I am very happy to be able to go to my dream job every day.


I love animals and nature, I take care to live my life as sustainable as possible. In my spare time I like to paint and sew.


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