West Aegean Restaurant

Location: Balçova, İzmir

Year: 2017

Project: Restaurant


West Aegean is a restaurant concept created to be built in different locations in Europe, starting with Izmir, Turkey. The general design approach is to bring Aegean Sea breeze into interiors and to create cozy but elegant interiors for guests to experience more than delicious food.

“Meze” is one of the most characteristic centerpieces of approximately eight thousand years old Aegean cuisine. The word “meze” etymologically means flavor. Meze, also called as appetizer, is served in small dishes and enriches the table with both its taste and appearance. While they enhance the visual appeal of a table, “meze”s brings a new meaning to having dinner by transforming it into a pleasant activity.

Variety in Aegean cuisine is reflected to the design principle of overall design. Designed in diversely, brought together in different layouts; chairs and tables strengthens the concept of variety.

When building the plan, the aim was to create a rich spatial perception where everyone could find a pleaser corner for themselves.


A focal point is created by placing glaring pendant lighting fixtures in the center of interior as if it is an elegant jewelry gifted to the space. Under the lighting, a comparatively bigger oval table is placed in an attempt to create a different option for special days.

On the floor, ceramic tiles are selected meticulously to be in harmony with the general design concept of the interior and placed in various layouts to define sub-spaces.

Deliberate repetition of elements on interior walls is planned in harmony with the overall design language. Wooden stripes on the walls are rooted in traditional Aegean architecture and are interpreted in a contemporary way.

The interior is salted with several floral touches. The massive entrance door is ornamented with hand painted blue flowers. The walls are embellished with a delicate use of flowery wallpaper in harmony with the patterned porcelain plates displayed on the central wall of the restaurant. Similar patterns appear on decorative objects as well, like vases, plates, table clothes and even cabinet knobs.

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